Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Age Appropriate Clothing

OK, so I'm obsessed with watching (clothing) hauls and unboxings on YouTube. I was watching one today with someone younger than me chirping on about one of the styling boxes (Dia&Co, StitchFix, Trunk Club from Nordstroms) and she says, "I love that the stylist picked stylish clothes that were age appropriate......."
You know what clothes are age appropriate? The ones you decide to wear. I'm sorry, statements like this are a huge problem for me. 
Another one that gets me is, "I love this shirt/blouse/sweater but I can't buy it because it doesn't cover my problem area."
Girl, that area is only a problem if you let it be. It's part of you and whether it was kids or stress or genetics that gave you that area that's not a reason to hate it. Love yourself. Love ALL of yourself. Work on it. That way, next time, you'll buy that shirt/blouse/sweater than you love.
Want to wear make-up like Jeffree Star? Do it. 
You're 70 years old and want to wear thigh high boots with garters? Do it, it's going to rock your world and probably someone else's as well. 
Like something trendy because that Fashion Nova fit but think you're too old for it? Fuck that. Buy it, wear it, have fun with it because life is too damn short to let other people's narrow-minded views impact the way you express yourself.
I spent decades, literally decades, hiding in tent tops afraid that some little thing I wore would offend someone but something has turned over in me and now I just don't care. If I like it I'm wearing it and if someone else doesn't like it they can kiss my ass.
Just as art is expression, fashion is expression. It's a way to tell other humans something about who you are and if they don't like what they see, well then, job done. Job done because if they can't handle what they see then they most certainly can't handle me....or you. 
Buy it, rock it, live your life because you never know, shit goes down and you might not be here tomorrow and not living every day to it's fullest is the largest kind of stupidity. 
You here Boo, do somethin' with it.

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