Sunday, August 18, 2013

 I know, it's been ages since I've posted here.  Life has been really wild.  Lots of medical issues in the family which are finally resolved and everyone is well again.  :)  I'm starting to rediscover glass around the increasing demands of production work because as anyone who creates for a living knows you HAVE to have time to actually play and create or you stagnate.

So I'm trying new shapes and starting to branch out in other areas.  One of the new things, or new to me, that I'm trying for the first time is making my own goldstone stringer.  I purchased some lovely goldstone in raw chunk form from Avenue Beads and I was amazed at how easy it actually is to pull your own goldstone stringer.  I love the results too, lots of sparkle!

I'll post again later this week and hopefully resurrect this poor blog.  Something always has to go on the back burner when life gets crazy!

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