Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Personal Best

OK, glass isn't about speed, buuUUUUUuuut...

49 beads, all encased and carefully fire 7 hours.

I'm pretty proud of that (blows on nails and buffs them on chest).  There's also two 15 minute breaks and a half hour lunch in the mix there.

A word to those uninitiated to made to order and production work - if you are going to do 6+ long hour sessions you have to, I repeat HAVE TO, take breaks just like you would with any other production job.

If you were, as my maternal grandmother was, a factory worker putting little gears in Timex watches (which she did for 30+ years, I have no idea how she didn't go insane.....well, she was a little insane) you would go on strike if someone demanded that you work straight through without breaks.

Don't ask that of yourself.  Not only will you burn out on glass you could put your health at risk as well.

I do a run of about 6 beads, get up, stretch, walk around, etc.  Having a CD that you have to get up to manually change is a good alarm.  When it ends you know it's time for a break because, as we all know, you can get so absorbed in the glass you loose track of time and I have found I also lose touch with my body.  I turn off the warning signals that I've been sitting too hunched or the wrong way mentally and when I do that I pay for it later in pain and stiffness.

Glass is great and I love production work.  I'm weird that way, I do well with creative repetition - hand quilting is another passion of mine that makes most people batty, no pun intended.

However, at the end of the day you don't want to be this chick, all hunched over with your lampworking claw hanging out.......

It's not a good look.  Just sayin'......      ;)

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