Saturday, August 25, 2012

More fun with patina

Lisa Liddy recently released her Color Me This patinas and I've been playing.  I just love what happened when I combined these bead caps treated with her indigo patina and this bead that has silver inclusions and exploits the transparency in the glass.  It's all about depth.  :D

I also love to play with gilding and these earrings are a combination of several different colors but the silver, of course, is what stands out.  I love how it looks against the copper.
As much as I love glass I do have a love affair with copper, brass, etching, and patinas.  There is something so satisfying in taking a blank piece of metal and through a process of removing material, forging, sanding, and  applying various treatments being able to create wearable art.  Since it's 24G copper sheet they're really light too!  Try playing with metal sometime, it's fun!


  1. I love the look against the copper.. But then this summer for some reason I have been wearing more coppers.

  2. Thank you! I've been wearing copper all summer, I was just in the mood for it this year.

  3. Looks great, Astrid! I need to get busy!