Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I was blown away by the beautiful contents of my BSBP package that I received from my sweet partner Eva Sherman.  Roman glass!  The focal is the graduated sterling waves and just look at that clasp!  It took my breath away.

I've already been playing but shhhhhh, no peeking! ;)  I will say that I am having the best time arranging and rearranging the parts.  There was a thread on a glass forum I read where ppl were debating the old "Is glass liquid or solid?" and "Why is all the glass thicker at the bottom of old windows, did it run with time?"  The answer to that BTW is actually no, back in the day when the glaziers set the windows they would put the thicker part of the glass at the bottom of the window.  All antique glass was, of course, hand rolled and so naturally there were thicker areas and thinner areas.  I actually have some hand rolled sheets of Moretti soda lime glass and although it is modern glass there are thickness variances even in the small (2 foot x 2 foot) piece that I have.  It makes sense from a weight distribution viewpoint to hang the thickest part of any object on the bottom if you think about it.

My point is that I have it in my head to do a piece with the working title (in my head) of "It's Not A Liquid" but then doing some organic flowing or even drippy glass to work into the design along with the Roman glass as sort of a juxtaposition of harsh, angular glass and flowing amorphous glass.  

That's the plan anyway.  We shall see what we shall see.  :D


  1. so glad you like the soup Astrid and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Wow! Astrid! That is amazing!!! Have fun with your soup!!!!

  3. Oh that is seriously gorgeous!! I love it! Will be looking for the finished work. Your partner was very generous.

  4. Thanks Jenni, I thought she was too, I was amazed when I opened the package.

  5. What an amazing bead soup! Really original and unique. You're going to have so much fun creating. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.