Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Customer inspiration

I love my customers, I truly do.  If it weren't for their ideas and input much of what I create would never have come to be.

I have a friend who is a jewelry artist and she doesn't feel this way at all, she finds special orders irritating and intrusive and says that special orders and requests, ".....interfere with my artistic vision".

OK, I can respect that.  It's just that I really don't have some great artistic vision.  I just like to play with glass and fire (and beads and fiber and string and about a billion other things...oh and LOOK, a squirrel.....).

I really think of myself as more of a crafts-person than an artist and the term 'artist' in reference to me personally makes me.....well...it makes me uncomfortable.  It's not that I don't use it and in fact some people who purchase my work expect to see it so you can't really escape it's use, but it still feels awkward to me, like I'm lying or something if that makes sense.

But inspiration is a term I'm completely comfortable with and I'm grateful to the jewelry artists (and yes you girls and guys ARE artists) who are sweet enough to share their vision with me so that I can then move into previously unexplored territory and learn not only new things about glass but new things about what I can actually do now as well.  Fear of the unknown can hold you back.  I'm lucky to have fantastic creative people pushing me forward.

Sooooo, here's the eye candy, all inspired by requests from my customers.  Thank you all!  (((hugs)))


  1. Beautiful beads - stunning really!

  2. Gorgeous! I'm glad people like you are making beads so I can use them :-)

  3. They are beautiful, and that you are collaborating on them makes each so special! Keep up the amazing work Astrid...I hope to catch up with you soon!