Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why do I love jewelry?

I thought Lori had a good idea to kick of the bead soup blog party with writing about jewelry design, what got me interested in it and why I love it.

I'm actually more of a lampworker these days.  I do lots of production work and I also make things like fan pulls and suncatchers.

Jewelry though, that's always at the bottom of it.  More specifically for me, it's earrings.  I know exactly why too.

I was born in 1960.  I had my ears pierced in 1976, when I was 16.  Life was a little different then and in my parents generation (they graduated HS in 1958 in Abilene, Texas) there were those who viewed pierced ears as something that only 'loose' girls had.  I also wasn't allowed to wear make-up.

I didn't really care about the make-up frankly, and still don't.  I have, as Carmen Diaz says in the movie 'Bad Teacher' a " internal life" and just have never had the time, then or now, to fiddle around in front of a mirror.

However (and it's a big however) I was and am a creative person and wanted to not only make things but wear my art where others could see it and frankly, earrings fascinated me.  Think about seventies fashion, all the huge hoops and giant flowers and color and various metals.  Yeah.  I wanted that.  Like Patti LaBelle's earrings in this video:

Honeeeeey, please.  Let me hang hubcaps from my earlobes.  I need to do that.

I had a hardship license and already drove so the morning I turned 16 I crawled out of my bedroom window while my parents were sleeping, climbed into my raggedy 1969 Camaro (with mag wheels, and itty bitty steering wheel made out of welded chain, and a gas pedal shaped like a bare foot, I know you know what I'm talkin' about here), rolled my car down our driveway and halfway down the block (all a downhill slope) then cranked the engine, drove to the mall, and had my ears pierced by the pimply attendant at the Rings n Things kiosk.

My father looked like this when I came home and he saw them:

Buuuuut, eventually he came around:

OK, maybe not.  ;)

It was totally worth it though.  I still miss the heck outta that Camaro.  It had a stuffed Garfield glued to the back window with those little plastic sucker things on it's paws.  *sigh*  I was stylin'.