Saturday, April 21, 2012

Supporting Cast

New made to order beads (go to the 'MTO lampwork beads sets' section of my Etsy store to find them).  My listings state that my lead time is currently 5 days but depending on my workload smaller orders often ship within two days.

I love color.  Anyone who follows my work knows that I am a freak for color.

However there are times when you have some amazing stone like amazonite or you have found or created gorgeous pieces in gold or silver and you don't need the addition of color but rather texture is what you want.

That is why I've created a supporting cast for you.  :)

These beads have a high refractive index and with the defined ridges whatever you place next to them will play through the clear glass with some amazing results depending on the materials used.  Try enamelled metal or polished silver for lots of bling.  For a more subtle streamlined design try pairing these with sodalite or beach glass for a subtle summery look.

I plan to do some experimentation this week and if it's successful I'll be offering these in an etched version for a small price increase.

On a more personal note I found stumbleupon.  I DO NOT have time for this, LOL!  Seriously though it is just as fun as Pinterest and I've spent too much time today stumbling and pinning all sorts of amazing art.

I'm Astrid Boyce on both apps if you want to come and find/follow me.  Need a Pinterest invite?  Convo me through my Etsy shop and I'll send you one!  You need to have a facebook account but that is really easy to set up.  I did a superquick search on youtube and found a how to set up a facebook account. video for you.  I only watched the first couple of minutes as this is not entertaining, lol, but it is basic and it looks like a good walkthrough.

Now hurry up and send me photos of your work so I can share them here! :)

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