Thursday, October 6, 2011

I've been busy.....

I've joined a wonderful group of crafters and I have the Art Jewelry section at Things Crafty so please come and check it out if you have time!  I've written a bit about the process and supplies involved in this netted necklace.  This type of beadweaving is fun, not complicated, and instead of doing an entire piece you could just make up a little section and use it like a fiber bit in multimedia or collage necklaces.

I have also been doing more wirewrapping and experimentation with different patinas.

I will be doing book reviews and discussing tools and tips at Things Crafty and there are some other wonderful creative people there, I do hope you'll stop by.  :)

As to what is next on *this* blog, I'm working on a piece about the daisy chain that, along with Birgitta's fabulous pendant, recieved so many comments during the BSBP.  That will be posted here later this week, stay tuned and have a wonderful autumn.  It's cooler, it's finally cooler, lol, I am SO happy.

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