Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bat and Gargoyle Earrings

While I'm still working on the daisy chain I became sidetracked which, anyone who is creative knows, happens easily.  You know, it's the old, "I am listening to you I heard every word you.........LOOK, a squirrel!" syndrome.  :)

I found some vintage brass stampings I've had for awhile when I was doing some studio reorganizing.  Translation:  Help me, I'm buried!  I was inspired, since it is that time of year, to create some earrings.
These are up for sale in my Etsy .

I found just the plain brass stampings a bit boring so I did some patina and gilding work on them.  Then I made some tiny (8mm, not as small as I can go but pretty darn small) lampwork rounds and added some swarkies and wire wrapped it all with sterling silver.  I really enjoyed just playing with different variations on a theme and it was a quick way to use up some extra supplies.

I've also been doing more flowers and leaves.  I'm really enjoying those.  I made a HUGE necklace for a client and it's already in CA somewhere, I forget which town and of course I forgot to take a picture before it went out the door. *sigh*  I had some leftover flowers and leaves and those are up on eBay now as an orphan lot.  Not that I don't love them, lol.

So what have you been up to lately?

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