Saturday, September 3, 2011

My bead soup!

Look at what I received from my wonderful bead soup blog party partner Birgitta!

Isn't it fantastic?  There are beads of all different kinds, chains, ribbon, a little wooden key and not one but *three* of Birgitta's gorgeous focals. <3
This will be so different for me as I normally work with wire wrapping and have never really used much chain before in my designs unless it was chain maille I made myself and ribbon is another material that will be new to me in jewelry design.  I love the colors!  I'm partial to blue/greens and patinas.  I've been doing some etching recently so this little fella may work his way into the design as well somewhere. ;)

  I'm really looking forward to the challenge, it's time to get busy!


  1. Hi Astrid! Im glad You like the soup interesting to see what You make with it all...and i do love Your etched parts..would like one with OM a bit distressed if You have??

  2. I love the bead soup Birgitta! I wish I had an OM symbol but unfortunately I haven't been able to find one yet, I'm so sorry. :(