Sunday, July 24, 2011

Customer Service Musings

No pictures today just some random thoughts.

When I was a young teen I loved to sew.  There were two stores within biking distance where I could use the money earned from chores to shop for fabric, Hancocks and Cloth World.  I was a sweet kid but when I felt I'd been wronged I could hold onto a grudge like a terrier with it's favorite bone.  I'd like to think that time has mellowed me, at least somewhat.

What, you might ask, does this have to do with beads or jewelry or anything else you might ask? 

Bear with me, I do have a point.

I usually spent my money where the best sale was but there was an event that resulted in my never again entering a Cloth World and years (and much fabric money spent) later I secretly revelled in the demise of the chain.

So what happened?  I asked a question and was ignored and then was told that I didn't need a bag because I probably couldn't sew anyway and after all the fabric was "....just gingham."

Yes, I know that it's not a good reason to give up an entire chain but I did.  It made me mad.  Thinking back on it I'm still a little mad.

What prompted this chain of thought was my daughter (adult) saying that she thought all the tracking emails and thank you notes I sent out were overkill and would make me seem 'needy' as someone who is selling what she makes.

I think Thank You is underused these days.  I like to know where my merchandise is after I've spent my hard earned money on it.  I like getting packages with little organza bags, or boxes, or ribbons, or something to indicate that the person selling takes pride in what they sell.

Besides, I like doing customer service.  I still don't like Cloth World.


  1. I am with you sister!
    I would have boycotted that store too.
    I also HATE it when I spend my money many many times at the same very popular vendor and she can't be bothered to put in a little "Thanks" "Thank You" or even "Hi" (just two little letters!)
    It makes me so made I don't want to buy from her, but I do like her stuff so what do I do?
    I take it easy. I buy if it is on sale or else forget it..I will give someone my business who appreciates it.
    Good Post!!

  2. Thank you for commenting Cilla. :) It burns me up to when I buy something and it's just shoved in a box or envelope without care. Sometimes though I will put up with the rudeness if it's something I just love but I've always, like you, got my eyes open for an alternative.