Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's mashing!

Look what David at CoonVally - - made for me!

It's a masher with a diameter of 4 inches!  I like to do big flat beads with large surfaces and I had been using that aluminum plate that's flat on one side and grooved on the other that we all get in beginner kits and mashing the top with my old graphite marver.  Not only was I getting uneven beads the marver finally gave out and cracked from the abuse.  I do production work now so I had to have a reliable tool with a surface large enough to handle the sizes I make.

I decided to contact David.  He is so great and will work with you to create whatever tool it is you have in your head.  My pictures really don't do his press justice, it's a work of art.

At first I asked David for the masher in brass but we emailed back and forth and he explained to me that while he could do it in brass the cost would be prohibitive, so he suggested aluminum.  Since I had been using that old aluminum tool and graphite I thought it would be perfect, and it is.

and one more time:

The surfaces are wonderfully smooth.  It also, of course, comes with a selection of spacers so that you can set your thickness.  So is it doing what I wanted?

Why yes, yes it is.  :)

If you would like for David to make one of these for you (or any tool) he requests that you please contact him via his email .  This isn't the first time I've asked David for something and it certainly won't be the last.  I have a brass poker from him that no one removes from my bench on pain of death (well, maybe not death but I really, really like it, lol).

Have a mashing day!


  1. I absolutely love David's tools!! I have a brass one of these and he made a huge lentil for me a few years ago, custom order, along with several other of his presses & tools.

  2. Isn't he just the best? My only problem is keeping my brain from thinking of more things I need before my wallet can keep pace, lol.