Sunday, February 13, 2011

*&%^ Raku!

OK, there are times when I adore raku, like this:

It did pretty much exactly what I wanted (I started with the Tierracast kitty charm and built on that) and when it's  good it's really good but when it's bad it's..........brown.

So I've begun to experiment lately with ways to get my raku cold.  That's not easy for me because I'm a fan of heat.  I've cooked and bubbled and boiled more glass than I care to think about so having to explore my cold side is not what I want to do.  So what have I done?

I've brought a small dish filled with water with ice cubes floating in it and tried to wet my brass marver with the  ice water while simultaneously keeping my bead balanced and not getting it too close to the head of the torch but still spinning and ........yeah.

I'm not a very coordinated person, a bit of a klutz actually, and even with three hands I doubt I'd be successful with that method, so strike one.

I've appropriated the canned air from the computer (it's always covered with cat hair anyway, why try?  Why do cats claim anything remotely warm as their personal Days Inn?) and made off with it out to my bench.  With this method I get the raku hot hot hot and then spray cold canned air on it AWAY from the flame.  The resultant stink made me think this probably wasn't the best idea as to my mind stink=invisible gases that are speeding towards my lungs with the intention of total occlusion.  Since I already have a vent system that tries to pull posters off the wall and I wear a respirator one can deduce that I'm lung protective.  Canned air is out.  Strike two.

I'm still looking and still having intermediate successes here and there.  I play with my raku awhile, then put it down in disgust, then get drawn back to it.  Glass that's as changeable as my moods, I mean really, what's not to love?

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